Club Kit

Order window is currently closed.

Our kit is made by Cuore of Switzerland and with over 30 years of experience they know their stuff. From the moment I tried on the kit in 2014 I fell in love with the kit and have never looked back.

Drew and his team are really helpful and if you want to check out their work check out their Insta page here.

The next order will open late March, and cooler/cold weather garments will be included


Q: How do I purchase Moore Performance kit?
A: Login to our Cuore Team Shop.
When the Team Shop is open, a password will be supplied via email to all MP members.

Q: How frequently will the Cuore Moore Performance Team Shop be available?
A: We are planning to have the shop available 3 times per year

Q: Do you keep any spare stock?
A: If you’re new to the club, please get in touch with ‘‘ for details. Sometimes we order some additional items for new members – but there are only ever limited quantities and sizes.

Q: Where do I try sample kit on?
A: Cuore’s store/office is located at 2/81 Buckland Street, Alexandria. They are ordinarily open Mon – Fri, 09:00 – 17:00. They are not open on weekends. We strongly recommend you contact them on 0402 379 907 before heading over. They’re a small team so understand that you may need to be a little flexible.

Q: What happens after the order closes?
A: Cuore & Moore Performance Uniforms review the order, Cuore completes its internal ordering process, and then the custom garments commence the production process.

Q: How long does the production process take ?
A: The end-to-end production and delivery process typically takes 6-8 weeks.

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MP Jersey front

MP Jersey back