Online Coaching Packages

Our online coaching programs are focused on two things, first we want to maximize your training time to get you to the highest possible fitness and peak condition. Second is that we will get you there at the right time to peak at your big goal event. Our training systems are tried and tested and will allow you to train more efficiently for the demands of your goal events.

Personalised coaching plans –
the smarter way to train

Programs are designed by our certified coaches for each individual athlete’s needs. When athletes join our coaching service the first important step is to discuss their goals including any race events they’ve got coming up as well as their personal circumstances. Depending on their goals and how much time they have to devote to their training we create a plan for their year or season and work towards clearly defined goals whether they be short or long term.

We currently offer Two levels of coaching services

Each Client will go through an initial Consultation process which involves completion of a questionnaire so we can understand the athletes training history, work and family commitments, injuries, equipment, access to facilities etc. During this phase the athlete will be required to 
do a series of tests to help set training zones and heart rate thresholds.

Follow up Consultation

Follow up Consultation:
 Following review of the questionnaire we discuss information gathered and plan the months ahead. The best way for the athletes to get the most out of their program is to be completely open with the coach about likes, dislikes, motivational issues etc so that the coach can get to know the athlete and what will work for them and maintain their interest levels.

We have 2 different online programs available

Gold - Online Program

$250 per month (multi sport)
  • Past Training & Power File Review
  • Power & Fatigue Profile Analysis
  • Power Diagnosis & Training Analysis
  • Training Plan Edits (8 per month)
  • Plan Available for Online Review
  • Your Workout Emailed Daily
  • Training Review Calls (unlimited)
  • Emails with Coach (unlimited)
  • Training Peaks (Premium)
  • $150 Startup Fee
  • $200 Monthly Single Sport Fee
  • $250 Monthly Multi Sport Fee
  • 30 Days Cancellation period
  • Access to private MP Group Page
  • Goal Setting
  • Goal Race Day Planning