Caden Wheels

Beat your competition

Carbon Carbon Wheel Sets are Fast Oversized Aero Weapons With A 3 Year Warranty. Call the wheel builder Ben 7 Days 0424 440 443 for an extra $50 off the sale price or email [email protected] with any questions.

Why Caden Carbon Wheels? Because we love it & life’s better on Australian built oversized U shaped road wheels for a third of the big brand price. 10/11 Speed Compatible, High TG heat resistant resins, advanced kevlar anti fracture, true tension 2 to 1 spoke ratios are just the start of how we’ll help make your next carbon wheelset choice really easy. Caden builds wheels for road racers, triathletes & every day riders that want wide blunt profiles, stiff durable hand spoking, 3 year warranty & helpful Aussie service.

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Balance in Motion

Balance in Motion is a leading physiotherapy clinic that caters to all active people with a special interest in triathlon.  We treat all injuries and approach our patients from a holistic whole body point of view, looking to find the cause of injury rather than just treat the symptoms. We use video analysis to analyse your technique and have a wind trainer if we need to look at your cycling biomechanics. Located in the heart of Bondi, Balance in Motion is your first port of call for a sports injury.

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The Running Company

At The Running Company, we use digital gait analysis to ensure you choose the correct shoe. Our service is available in-store and online. We monitor how your foot, ankle and lower limb function as part of our 5-step fitting system and assess your individual running experiences and objectives.
We listen, we observe, we advise. Our focus is not on selling you the most expensive or fadish runner. The philosophy of The Running Company is to provide you with the shoe which complements your unique physique, training objectives, style and type of running. We want to ensure you run more often, faster, longer and achieve your goals.
We offer 10% off for all Moore performance athletes
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TriBike Transfer

TriBikeTransfer is a bicycle transport company for triathletes and cyclists, transporting bikes to major events around Australia.

No more:

  • Dismantling or reassembly
  • Airports, taxis and bike bags
  • Worry about damage while it’s on the plane
  • Making sure the setup is just the same as you’ve been training with

All you need to do is concentrate on race day.  Discounted rates for Moore Performance squaddies.

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Institute of NeuroFitness

Specialist In Functional Movement Training

Institute of NeuroFitness uses the Integrated Functional Training Method, in a safe, fun and encouraging environment to help you achieve your goals.

We don’t just provide traditional Pilates exercises, but more dynamic and challenging workouts utilising a variety of fitness tools to gain maximum results while keeping you motivated.

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Muscle Medicine

Specialist Body Work for Improved Performance

Muscle Medicine are the go to Massage Therapists for active people, focusing on assisting athletes of all levels perform to their best and recover from injury quickly.

Based in Sydney CBD and Bondi Beach the team is led by Coby du Preez who has built a reputation for ‘keeping people moving’.  This year Coby started mentoring a graduate student. Laura, who has quickly built her own following.

For more information on our treatments please list the website at www.musclemedicine.com.au

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