Do you know know how hard you should be training?

Heart rate, Pace and Power Training can be confusing due to all the terminology used and the many opinions on how to determine your Threshold zones. Additionally, there are a number of different charts that offer a variety of ranges which adds to the confusion. This is an example of information overload, and to a new athlete this can seem incredibly confusing.

It is so important to understand where your current fitness is, and at what training intensity is right for you to get the optimal results.  We take the confusion out of testing and your training levels to enable you to train smarter.

We can help you establish your training zones, paces, power levels for your swim, bike or run, which allows you to start training & racing smarter and to help you get better results.

Different sports offer different challenges, so we also identify your strengths and weaknesses as an athlete, and help you focus on the areas that will give you better results.

Contact us today and we can help get you on track to smashing your previous personal bests.

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